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I formed GSPP in 1988, providing services to a range of companies, such as my previous employer, VHA Computer Services, a subsidiary of Howson-Algraphy (now Du Pont-Howson) and a part of the Vickers Group, computer dealers, in particular Typetronics, Leeds Chamber of Commerce, local design agencies and other private customers and then into contract work, introducing Desktop Publishing into the UK's leading chemical company, ICI.

Some Work Samples

  • Runaround e-zine, monthly from Nov 2012.
    I relaunched the club magazine as an electronic version in Nov 2012. I distribute the magazine by e-mail to approximately 200 club members. I have now made previous issues available on the Internet, but the current issue is available only to paid-up members, sent by email.
  • Adventures on The GR10 - not a technical publication but a photo e-book of my 48-day solo trek along the 550 mile GR10 footpath from the Atlantic end of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean during the summer of 2010.
  • Teaching aid - using MS Excel for GCSE mathematics. Developed for Upholland High School in 2011, this workbook maps Microsoft Excel functions to the Edexcel GCSE Maths work scheme.
  • Technical Authoring at EDS. The vast majority of work was confidential and therefore not available for me to retain as examples. This is a short aid which I developed to help the Architects who created the initial drafts before I added my expertise. I also controlled the review process (using Lotus Domino). The first two years were spent as a Technical Writer before I moved into Configuration Management, PMO Analyst then PMO Manager, CMMI Specialist and Service Level Manager.
  • Technical Authoring at Telinco/World Online/Tiscali. I found that I still had this development copy on an old PC from the days when I would work partly from home - still questions to be asked of the developers in this draft but still a useful example.
  • Barclays - apart from this example, all my work was confidential and on a secure network. This conference pack was a one-off for one of the managers.
  • Air Miles HOTS User Manual - an example from my work for Teamwork Solutions in 1998.
  • Brother International Europe I was responsible for all documentation and software issues. Primarily I took care of the technical documention whilst the majority of user documentation was written by a freelance author and I would review and manage the production. This had limitations so, from time to time, I would have to also write user manuals. Linked is a part of one such manual.
  • Various publications for Athletics events including National and Regional Championships
  • Publications of local walks around the West Pennine Moors
  • Product sheet for valve engineering company.
  • Management Information System Guide. In 1989/90 I developed an MIS system for the Retail Systems Division of the Burton Group and documented it. This pre-dates the availability of HTML & intranet technology. From 1984 to 1986 I worked for the Burton Group as a permanent employee, where a part of my role was to develop personal computer user guides, Mainframe Communications Manuals and (Principles) POS Pilot Scheme documentation as well as internal training and troubleshooting. Please note the quality of the print has deteriorated significantly over 24 years.


This is the name I adopted for my music pages. Those who have known my site for many years will be aware that I have much material to restore. I will do this in the coming months as well as updating it. For now, I will ensure that the podcasts I provide for two radio shows are up to date.

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